Advanced Laser Services

Center for Wellness offers customized laser treatments




The StarLux®500 aesthetic laser offers the broadest range of cosmetic procedures with superior outcomes including the reduction and/or removal of unwanted hair, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and much more.

screen-shot-2016-11-02-at-1-41-33-pmWith light-based hair removal you can get the touchable skin you’ve always wanted. All you need is a few simple treatments to get lasting results. The secret lies in the technology that targets and destroys hair cells responsible for hair growth without harming the surrounding skin. This treatment is fast, easy and practically pain free.

When the skin has been stretched too far or too fast – such as during puberty, pregnancy or weight fluctuation – these unsightly lines appear. Finally, there is a treatment that will reveal smooth and beautiful skin. Laser stretch mark removal is fast, easy and virtually pain free.

Laser scar treatment is a great option to reduce the appearance of unwanted scars. This treatment is fast, easy and provides remarkable results.

In just one treatment you can have a more youthful looking appearance with improved tone and texture of your skin. Achieve long lasting results without the pain or side effects associated with a more invasive surgery. Best of all, you will still look like you – only better.

Our laser is a fractional, non-ablative laser for skin resurfacing/wrinkle reduction and the treatment of surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks – the only FDA cleared laser for this treatment. We have various Microlenses that allow for customized treatments… from high speed, quick treatment sessions to more intense, deeper penetration to reach tough conditions such as scars and stretch marks.