Obesity isn't about will power - it's a complex chronic disease process!


Obesity is a complex condition with many causal contributors, including many factors that are largely beyond individuals’ control.  It causes much suffering physically and mentally to those afflicted by it and has significant associated societal stigma and discrimination.  Obesity contributes to ill health, functional impairment, reduced quality of life, serious disease, and greater mortality.  Successful treatment can be difficult to achieve, but produces many benefits!

While it is our belief that the foundation for long term weight loss success involves proper nutrition and exercise, there is a role for the use of prescription medications in many individuals.  You can’t out-medicate a bad diet and we know that to be true!!  However, when appropriate nutrition and physical activity habits are in place and the weight still won’t come off, you might need additional help.

Center for Wellness offers individualized medical weight-control programs that best fit your goals, needs and your health.  We also screen our patients for hypertension, diabetes, signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease and other metabolic disorders associated with obesity.

Our staff are trained on all the latest weight loss medications and supplements – let us help find the right treatment plan for you!

PHENTERMINE: Decreases “EAT” signals in the brain to suppress hunger, increases calorie burning

TOPIRAMATE: Decreases activity of the “EAT” signals in the brain to increase feelings of fullness, makes certain foods taste less appealing, increases calorie burning

QSYMIA: Combination of phentermine and topiramate

BURPROPION: Increases activity of the  “DON’T EAT” signals in the brain to suppress appetite

NALTREXONE: Helps keep the “DON’T EAT” signal in the brain active, decreases cravings

CONTRAVE: Combination of burpropion and naltrexone, targets the addiction/reward center of the brain

METFORMIN: Helps cells in the body use insulin better to keep sugar from being stored as fat

SAXENDA: Delays digestion in the stomach to help you feel full longer

XENICAL: Blocks the absorption of fat


If your or a friend or family member’s health is being negatively affected by weight, please keep us in mind.